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Since 1999, we run a clinic for aesthetic and plastic surgery GiSant (Karlovy Vary), which provides, through the excellent team of highly specialized services in the field of aesthetic and plastic surgery, laser surgery, corrective dermatology and other related medical fields superstructure. During its activity took plastic surgery clinic GiSant not only a leading position among workplace aesthetic medicine, but also gained a very positive reference reputation both Czech and foreign clients from Germany, Russia, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Slovakia, the USA, France and Great Britain, as evidenced by the growing interest of clients for consultations, but also thousands of operated successfully and satisfied patients.

About responsiveness to client certainly suggests the possibility of consultations in addition to Czech and Slovak language also in German, English and Russian. Thanks to plastic surgery such as breast lift, breast augmentation or breast reduction, on the contrary, women can feel better and be themselves. We offer a broad portfolio of services. In our Points navigator you find services according to location on the body of the model in FIG.


  Years of experience
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Positive reference reputation both Czech and foreign clients. You certainly speak.

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Body Navigator plastic surgery

1 In the picture, select the problematic parts.
2 After confirming the selection display information about the operation.
3 Order deadline consultations.

Currently the clinic GiSant

  • Breast enlargement / augmentation

    Breast enlargement / augmentation

    Why plastic breasts? Augmentation is breast enlargement, which is achieved using special implants implants use only…

  • About us

    About us

    The company engaged in Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery GiSant founded in 1999. Private medical facilities under the…

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    Address Sokolovská 112/81Karlovy Vary 36005  Reception   +420 722 477 777   …

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